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NUR 203 Final Exam Notecards


These are my final exam note cards for NUR 203. I also used these note cards to study for our NUR 203 HESI exam in addition to the other resources I used. I made an 83 on this final exam ending the semester in this class with a B. I couldn’t have been happier.

If you do not already know, I make these cards and then print them out on card stock paper. Once I have printed them, I cut them out and bam I have my note cards that can be carried with me wherever I go. It has worked out extremely well as a study tool. I have posted the .pdf file below. You are more than welcome to use them. You just have to get the card stock paper to print them out.

NUR 203 Final Notecards

Module A Cardiovascular Alterations ~ NUR 203


Herzkreislauf vor weiss 4These are my module A cardiovascular alterations note cards. However, there will also be another module, module D, included on this test based around sepsis, septic shock, and DIC. I have not actually made my note cards for this module yet. I will post them as soon as I get them done. This test is still a few weeks away. Since I already spent half my study time for our Respiratory module studying for this Cardiovascular, maybe I can relax a little. Surely, I will be able to make a higher grade on this test. I will let you know how it goes, but Cardio is not my forte. I do not like EKG interpretation at all.

As always, feel free to click on the link below to print your note cards.

Module A Cardiovascular Alterations

Module B Respiratory Alterations Notecards ~ NUR 203


RespiratoryThese are my respiratory alterations note cards for our module B test in NUR 203. Know your ABG’s for this one and how to distinguish between various types of Acidosis v. Alkalosis and Respiratory v. Metabolic. Additionally, know your ventilator settings, alarms, etc. and how to use one and the patho behind ARDS. This was not really a difficult test, but I stupidly answered a few questions on it without thinking about it enough. I also stupidly spent a great deal of my study time studying for our next module, cardiovascular, thinking it was on this test for some reason. If not for all of that, I am confident I could have made an A on it. Instead, I had to do remediation. Don’t make the same mistakes I did.

Please, feel free to print by clicking on the link below.

Module B Respiratory Notecards 

Module C Neurological Problems Notecards ~ NUR 203


Here are more note cards for you to use. These are the notes that I use for every test, andNeuro then at the end I already have all my notes to study for my final exam. Please, feel free to use them any way you like. Print them out on card stock paper, cut them out, and you have your own notes to study with. Click below to open the PDF version of the note cards.

Module C Neurological Notecards

Module E Emergency Management & Burns Notecards ~ NUR 203


BurnsHere are my note cards for Emergency Management & Burns. This was an extremely difficult test d/t the burns content. So, be sure to study the burns content well. It will trick you if you are not careful. I made it through. You can too. You may print the cards on card stock paper by printing the link below.

Module E Emergency Management & Burn Notecards

Genitourinary System & High Risk Pregnancy Notecards ~ NUR 202


Hi Guys and Gals. Here are my Notecards for my GU and High Risk Pregnancy test. I actually ended up making an 83 on this test, so I was extremely pleased. I am still shooting for an “A” on a nursing exam, but I am more than willing to take a grade like this on every test.Genitourinary

Everyone probably knows by now that I post these on here, so you are able to print them yourself. They are in .PDF format. Some of them are 4″ x 6″ and some are 3 1/2″ x 5″ cards. I print mine on card stock and then cut them out. By doing this for every test, I already have all of my notes together and condensed to use at the end of each semester to study for my final exam. The only notecards that I have not posted on here is for my Cardiovascular test. That is because I ended up writing instead of typing them. At some point down the road, I will try to type these and post them on here, as well. Just click on the link below for access to the notecards.

Test IV Module E and F – Genitourinary and Complicated OB Notecards


Hematology & Immunology Note Cards ~ NUR 202




Here are my Note cards for our Hematology & Immunology module. This turned out to be an especially difficult module.  As I said in one of my other posts, you can just use plain card stock paper to print these out. Once you have them printed, then just cut around the border line that is on them. It is easier to use these cards to study away from home.  You can click on the link below, and it will take you to a .pdf version of the Notecards to print off. Enjoy!

Hematology and Immunology Test 3 Note Cards


NUR 201 Final Exam 4 x 6 NoteCards


Final Exam


Here are my Note cards for the NUR 201 Final Exam. I did not add our Mental Health to the cards for 2 reasons: I ran out of time, and I felt like I did better on this part of our last exam. I hope they help someone else. As I said in one of my other posts, you can just use plain card stock paper to print these out. Once you have them printed, then just cut around the border line that is on them. Making these cards has made it so much easier to study in various place away from home. Now, I can not only use my website to watch videos, etc., but I can pull out these handy little cards and study anywhere with them over and over again. The only thing that I have to master now is how to get them made prior to 2 days before the test. Anyway, you can click on the link below, and it will take you to a .pdf version of the Notecards to print off.


NUR 201 – FINAL Exam – Study Note Cards