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Heparin Drip and Heparin Titration


Heparin Drips can be intimidating. Here are a couple of tools I have used to learn how to do these types of IV calculation problems.

This is a video that explains the calculation process in an easy to understand manner:


This is my Dimensional Analysis way of working out a problem using the Heparin Protocol:


Below is a the Heparin Nomogram that the girl in the video is using:

Heparin Nomogram

Performing Venipuncture for IV Therapy


If you need to read about the entire procedure, ATI has a wonderful PDF version of how to start IV’s, etc. You can open the PDF version HERE.

This is a really good video that explains the entire procedure of starting an IV. However, you must ignore the fact that the nurse places the strips of tape on the bedside table. This is not recommended practice due to infection control issues.

IV Therapy from Start to Finish:

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