Module B Respiratory Alterations Notecards ~ NUR 203


RespiratoryThese are my respiratory alterations note cards for our module B test in NUR 203. Know your ABG’s for this one and how to distinguish between various types of Acidosis v. Alkalosis and Respiratory v. Metabolic. Additionally, know your ventilator settings, alarms, etc. and how to use one and the patho behind ARDS. This was not really a difficult test, but I stupidly answered a few questions on it without thinking about it enough. I also stupidly spent a great deal of my study time studying for our next module, cardiovascular, thinking it was on this test for some reason. If not for all of that, I am confident I could have made an A on it. Instead, I had to do remediation. Don’t make the same mistakes I did.

Please, feel free to print by clicking on the link below.

Module B Respiratory Notecards 

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