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Heparin Drip Protocol Calculations


Heparin Drip problems are extremely confusing when you start doing them. It took me a long time to actually understand what I was doing on these. I found this video on how to do the calculations. This guy does a fantastic job explaining the process from beginning to end. The only thing that I do not agree with is the fact that he only rounds the mL/hr to the 10ths place for an IV pump. Our school teaches us to round to a whole number whether it is gtts/min or mL/hr.

Tube Feeding Calculations


I don’t know about everyone else, but I have had an extremely difficult time figuring out Tube Feeding type problems. I don’t know why, but I have. However, after viewing the video below, I now feel really dumb. This instructor makes doing these problems seem like child’s play. It is so, so easy now, and I think that I can remember this for future tests.

Learn Dimensional Analysis


Here is a video that does a great job on explaining Dimensional Analysis. Although it is talking about it for Chemistry purposes, the same principal still applies for nursing drug calculations. This is probably the best video that I have seen on explaining this method.