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It’s Test Time

It’s Test Time

We have another big test and skill validation (Physical Examination & Health Assessment) coming up this Thursday, 2/26. I can’t speak for everyone in the class, , but I am, of course, nervous. I have a great deal riding on making it through this program. The thing about nursing school is that you have to make certain grades on each of the tests and skill validations, otherwise you are out of the program. This puts an extreme amount of pressure on the student. The mobility program is not quite like the traditional RN program. This 1st semester is killer. Basically, you are doing a year’s worth of LPN classes all crammed into one semester. It is, for all intents and purposes, a fast track into the RN program for currently licensed LPN’s. It cuts off some of the time that it takes to complete the RN program. Read the rest of this entry

Cranial Nerves ~ Need Help Remembering?