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More On Yoga Poses


Although I should, I do not practice yoga poses routinely. However, as strange as it may sound, I do a few quick stretches every morning in the shower. The hot water helps me relax, and the stretches help me get ready for the day. I do some of the yoga stretches at night before I go to bed. It really does help free your mind of all the day’s thoughts and allows your body to relax for a better night’s sleep. I want to get myself into a better routine of┬ádoing this. It helps me tremendously with the day-to-day stress of work, school, and every day life happenings. Put on some relaxing music, free your mind of thoughts, stretch, and breathe in and out deeply. You will be amazed at what it does for you. I am going to start doing these poses before my nursing exams and clinical validations. I seriously need to decrease my stress and anxiety level prior to doing these.

Yoga Poses 2