Performing Venipuncture for IV Therapy


If you need to read about the entire procedure, ATI has a wonderful PDF version of how to start IV’s, etc. You can open the PDF version HERE.

This is a really good video that explains the entire procedure of starting an IV. However, you must ignore the fact that the nurse places the strips of tape on the bedside table. This is not recommended practice due to infection control issues.

IV Therapy from Start to Finish:


Other Great Videos:

Preparing an Infusion Site

Discontinuing IV Therapy

Troubleshooting IV Infusions


This is another IV Therapy Check Off Video


Nursing Student Starting an  IV and Discontinuing an IV (He did a great job going through the steps)


Some Documentation Examples from Mosby:


Sample Documentation for Performing Venipuncture and Initiating Infusion

1500 IV inserted with 20-G Insyte catheter into cephalic vein on dorsal surface of lower

arm, 2.5 cm (1 inch) above wrist. Stated insertion was not painful and “felt fine” afterward.

—R. Barton, RN, 7/3/13


1700 D5W infusing by pump at 100 mL/hr. Infiltration and phlebitis scores of 0.

—R. Barton, RN, 7/3/13


Sample Documentation of IV D/C:

1300 Redness noted, and patient complains of tenderness and burning at IV site. Phlebitis

score of 4. Charge nurse notified and IV discontinued. 20-G, 1-inch catheter tip intact.

Patient tolerated procedure well. Warm cloth applied to IV site, and arm elevated on

pillow. N. Jenkins, MD notified about IV discontinuation. —J. Holder, RN. 12/24/13



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