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“Life does not get better by Chance; It gets better by Change.”

                                                            – Jim Rohn

Motivation Tuesday

I Made It . . .


I had to let everyone know that I made it to the end of the semester. Let me tell you, though, it was not easy. I would not suggestEnd of Semester anyone trying to take a full load of classes at the same time you are taking a Nursing Mobility class. There were times when I did not think I was going to make it through. Somehow, with a lot of prayers and sleepless nights, I managed to do it. I am one step closer to finally fulfilling my dream of becoming an RN. I am so glad and thankful to be moving on to the next semester. How I don’t know, but I ended the semester with 3 “A’s” and 1 “B.” Ideally, I would not still be working F/T, but I don’t have any other choice. I can tell that if I did have any other choice, I would not be doing it. I have 20 + years of nursing experience, and this semester has still kicked my butt.

Today is the 11th of May. I now have to get a physical and a boat load of vaccines or titer tests completed in time to have it turned in by the 21st of May, which by the way is next week I believe. Plus, I have to work in between those days. Then, the next semester starts the following Tuesday, the 26th of May. Therefore, we don’t really have much of a break in between semesters. I don’t care though, at the end of the Summer semester, I will be 1/2 way done with the program.

It’s Cram Time Again


Nursing School CostAs we are nearing the end of this semester, it seems that things are getting hectic again. I have one more assignment due in my Nutrition class, one more regular exam and one more lab exam in my A & P class that I had to retake due to it not being enough credit hours from the 1st time I took it years ago, and a few more things left to do in my Chemistry class. So far, I have an “A” in all of these classes. I hope I am able to keep it this way.

As for my nursing class, we have 2 more exams and one more day of 3 different check offs. One of the exams I have left and the 3 check offs (1. Initiating IV Therapy, 2. Tracheostomy Care, 3. Airway Suctioning) are scheduled for next Thursday. I have really been studying hard for this exam, but I always get nervous when it gets close to time to actually take the exam and do the check offs. I am always afraid that I will miss something in the check offs. I think the last exam we have to take is on like May 4th. I will have to double check that, but it is around this time. It is on Maternal Child, which is not my forte. Right now, I have a “B” in my nursing class. Although it would be nice to have an “A” in this class too, I will be happy to have a “B” at this point.

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Need Some Pick Me Up ~ Check Out This Video


I love this video.


If you like the above video, you have got to see the next one. I actually found this one by accident. This one is not related to nursing, but it just goes to show what a great person and singer this girl is. She is going to be a “jam up” Nurse. This video is about her being bullied and persevering in the midst of it all. She has a beautiful voice. If you like the video and the song, you can download it and get the lyrics at: http://duquetterecords.bandcamp.com/track/breathe-single. ENJOY!