New & Final Semester


Here I am. I cannot believe I have made it to the final semester of RN school. It has been a First Semester Last Semesterlong hard road with many struggles and sleepless nights. I know this semester will not be any less than the previous ones. We actually have 2 classes this semester and 180 clinical hours to do in basically 2 months time. In addition to this, we will have 2 different HESI exams, 1 Exit HESI and 1 NUR 203 HESI. We have to pass both of them or we do not graduate. We do get 3 attempts to pass the exit HESI, but only once to pass the NUR 203 HESI. This time, the NUR 203 HESI is an all or nothing exam. If you do not make at least an 850 on the HESI, you do not get any points. This means that you either make the 850 points on the HESI, or you do not pass the class the way it is set up. This makes me nervous. All the other semesters, you at least got some points for various scores on the HESI. I did well on the NUR 201 HESI, but not so well on the NUR 202 HESI. I do not like the HESI exams. They are meant to predict whether a person will pass the NCLEX test or not, but the questions do not actually seem like they are set up the same to me as the NCLEX questions.

Nonetheless, I am going to study my butt off for both these tests because these 2 tests are what will make or break me as far as graduating.

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