Schizophrenia “Audio Hallucinations”


I do not think that I could do this. It would drive me crazy. This video, as well as the above video, are both eye opening.


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  1. I tried the same schizophrenia simulator as Anderson…it was simply horrifying. The test says over 90% of the mentally healthy subjects who take the test quit after less than SIX minutes of attempting a simple task due to the voices, and this is before they amplify them and turn them into hostile/violent.p voices. It is an amazing empathetic tool and I recommended it to my entire nursing class…the entire world, but ESPECIALLY here in America, everyone should participate ONCE and I guarantee America would start to treat mental illness the same as physical ones.

    Thank you for sharing this! And I also recommended your great site for study tips and guides in nursing as well to my classmates so DOUBLE THANKS!
    Debbie Q
    SUNY Orange
    Hudson Valley New York


    • Hi Debbie,

      Thank you for your comments. I have a tendency to be partial to Psychiatric Nursing, because I have had many years of experience in this field. The stigma the world places on mental illness has saddened me for a very long time. I do not know how it is in New York, but in Alabama the support for people affected by mental illness is very little. In fact, our largest psychiatric facility was closed down a few years ago due to non-payment of services by a major insurance company. The closing of the facility displaced 100’s of patients – leaving them with nowhere else to go and scrambling to find a way to obtain their previously prescribed medications, counseling, etc. Our judicial system here tends to feel they should be the first line of treatment for people afflicted by mental illness. Now that the largest mental health treatment facility has closed, jail has unfortunately become more and more prevalent for these patients. I can only hope this situation will improve in the years to come. I wish you nothing but success in your journey to the rewarding career of nursing.


      • I agree! Nothing worse than our jails, prison and homeless shelters full of the diagnosed or worse, undiagnosed, mentally ill who are without available services: they are then dehumanized, being “dumped” into understaffed psychiatric facilities or labeled “criminals” only to become victims while wrongly incarcerated. Unfortunately all the marginalization we both have mentioned appears to be happening in both our home states of AL and NY, but across the nation for some time now; this is one of the reasons I feel drawn to psych nursing in the future; until the changes you mentioned occur, we can remain hopeful for a change for these under-served clients soon.
        Thank you for your kind words of encouragement and congratulations! I receive my AAS RN in about two weeks now, our pinning is on December 16 and I plan on taking my NCLEX just after the new year! (Then of course, onto that coveted BSN next year…it never ends lolol)
        Have a wonderful healthy and blessed holiday season!
        Deb Q


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