Endocrine System Note Cards ~ NUR 201


I have found a NEW way of studying. I decided to add these note cards as a .pdf document instead of uploading from my other site. This will allow you to be able to print the note cards, if you choose to do so. These are 4 x 6 note cards that I made to study the Endocrine system by. You can use standard “Card Stock” paper from staples or Wal-Mart to print them on. Then all you have to do is cut them out. It took me awhile to figure out how to make these for myself, but now that I have, I am addicted to it. You can get a copy of the note cards by clicking on the link listed below.Endocrine System Chart

A lot of nursing school is trial and error. Lord knows I have made a lot of errors along the way as far as my study tactics go. I wish I had started this note card system in the beginning. It is amazing how much you can condense your notes this way. If I had used this system from the beginning of the semester, it would make it so much easier on me to study for my Final Exam.

Endocrine System Test V Note Cards

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  1. UPDATE: These cards helped me to pass my Endocrine test. I didn’t ACE it, but I did much better on it than I have the others. This new way of studying, as well as handing it over to GOD and praying a LOT, has proven to be the best changes I have made during Nursing School.


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