New (Summer) Semester


BacktoSchoolNotebook_iStock_000017030499XSmall_zpsc8cac840_0Well, Summer semester began last Tuesday, 5/26/2015. There was not much of a break from last semester, so I am still feeling the effects of that. Once again, I am sure I overloaded myself, but I have a plan, and I am sticking to it. This semester, I am taking Nursing 201, Pre-Calculus, and American Literature I. If you are not already aware, I am trying to complete all of my BSN General Education classes by the time I am finished with my Associate’s degree, so I can go straight into the online BSN Nursing program. I am doing this, because I am not getting any younger. My plan is to be completely through with my Nurse Practitioner’s degree before I turn 50 years old. I am 44 now. Do you think I can do it? I do, and I am going to do it! That is, if it does not kill me 1st. You know the old saying: “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” I am definitely experiencing that right now in my life. If that saying is true, I should be one of the strongest people alive by the time I finish all of this.

We had our 1st test today for Nursing 201. It was based on Learning and Teaching concepts, as well as Advanced IV Nursing Calculations. We had a week to study for this test, so I am just praying that I did OK on it. My head started hurting yesterday, while I was studying, and it has been pounding all day today. I was hoping I could get rid of it before the test, but unfortunately that did not happen. I know it is all just stress. I have got to find a way to relax and calm my nerves. I don’t remember being this stressed out during LPN school, but then again, I was in my 20’s at that time. I am a pretty high strung person anyway, and everything has to be a certain way at all times (OCD, mind you). Sometimes, being OCD is not a good trait to have.

If I could just come home from work and/or school and be able to relax and chill out for even an hour, it would help. However, I am not able to do that. My grandmother and mother live with me, as well as my son. My grandmother has Alzheimer’s. Need I say more? She is a handful by herself, and getting harder to handle every day. Then, we are also pet poor. We have 6 dogs, 4 cats, 2 fish tanks, and an outdoor pond. It has proved to be a real challenge for me to find a way to juggle Family, Pets, F/T School, F/T Work, Personal Obligations, and Home Responsibilities. Squeezing in a little relaxation from time to time is proving to be pretty much impossible.

So, enough about that. What is in store for us this semester? 

  • 5 Regular Exams
  • 1 Comprehensive Final Exam
  • HESI Exam
  • 1 Discharge Teaching Project
  • 90 Clinical Hours
    • 63 Medical Surgical w/5 sets of Clinical Paperwork (Numerous pages to complete and submit)
    • 27 Psych w/1 set of Clinical Paperwork

Our study topics include, but I am sure not limited to the following:

  • A&P Review
  • Oncology Nursing
  • Mental Health Concepts & Issues
  • Teaching & Learning Concepts
  • Advanced Dosage Calculations
  • Reproductive System Alterations
  • Sensory System Alterations
  • Endocrine System Alterations
  • HESI Preparation

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  1. UPDATE: I just learned that I passed my 1st Nursing Exam for this semester, so no remediation for me on this one. I hope I can keep it that way on every test. I am not really sure how the remediation works yet, but I do not think that you get any points for it. It is just a requirement. I still think that whatever you make on your exam is the grade that you keep, regardless.


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