Fetal Circulation Video and Mnemonic


This is the CUTEST video and useful information to remember the fetal circulation route. You have got to watch it.



Cool Way to Remember Sequence of Fetal Circulation:

Fetal Circulation:


1). Obvious potential for unwanted virtual devastating distress if successful regular fetal pulmonary artery development doesn’t ultimately articulate properly.


2.) Obviously, people feel unwanted virtually daily; devastating if successful rumors follow potentially aggravating developmental disaster ultimately arranging plans.

1.) Obvious or

2.) Obviously

Oxygenated blood from
1.) Potential or

2.) People

Placenta to
1.) For or

2.) Feel

Fetus through
Unwanted Umbilical
1.) Virtual or

2.) Virtually

Vein through
1.) Devastating or

2.) Daily

Ductus Venosus combines with
1.) Distress or

2.) Devastating

Deoxygenated blood from
If Inferior Vena Cava and
Successful Superior Vena Cava into the
1.) Regular or

2.) Rumors

Right Atrium and most goes through the
1.) Fetal or

2.) Follow

Foramen ovale bypassing
1.) Pulmonary or

2.) Potentially

Pulmonary arteries to the
1.) Arterial or

2.) Aggravating

Aorta via the
1.) Development or

2.) Developmental

Ductus Arteriosus then
1.) Doesn’t or

2.) Disaster

Deoxygenated blood goes through the
Ultimately Umbilical
1.) Articulate or

2.) Arranging

Artery to the
1.) Properly or

2.) Plans



Here is another video that explains how Fetal Circulations works.



Fetal Circulation

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