It’s Cram Time Again


Nursing School CostAs we are nearing the end of this semester, it seems that things are getting hectic again. I have one more assignment due in my Nutrition class, one more regular exam and one more lab exam in my A & P class that I had to retake due to it not being enough credit hours from the 1st time I took it years ago, and a few more things left to do in my Chemistry class. So far, I have an “A” in all of these classes. I hope I am able to keep it this way.

As for my nursing class, we have 2 more exams and one more day of 3 different check offs. One of the exams I have left and the 3 check offs (1. Initiating IV Therapy, 2. Tracheostomy Care, 3. Airway Suctioning) are scheduled for next Thursday. I have really been studying hard for this exam, but I always get nervous when it gets close to time to actually take the exam and do the check offs. I am always afraid that I will miss something in the check offs. I think the last exam we have to take is on like May 4th. I will have to double check that, but it is around this time. It is on Maternal Child, which is not my forte. Right now, I have a “B” in my nursing class. Although it would be nice to have an “A” in this class too, I will be happy to have a “B” at this point.

This semester has been a real struggle for me due to taking a total of 17 credit hours between 3 separate schools, along with working full-time. Honestly, I wasn’t sure I would be able to do it. However, I have managed to get through it somehow (NO SLEEP, and NO PERSONAL LIFE)! If you are considering nursing school, be prepared to give up everything else until you are finished. Literally, this is the truth. I am not sure what next semester is going to bring for my nursing class, but I have registered for 2 other general education classes (Pre-calculus Algebra and American Literature I) that will count toward my BSN. Hopefully, they won’t be as involved as what I have had this semester. Being next semester is Summer, and it is a short semester, I am sure that I will still be cramming a great deal of material into a few short weeks. Summer semester is 1/2 as long as the other semesters. I would not take the other 2 classes this summer, but I am desperately trying to stay on track to have my BSN general education classes completed by the time I complete my Associate’s degree. After these 2 general education classes in the Summer, it will leave me with 2 or 3 more BSN general education classes left to take. Yee Haw.

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