Passed My Fundamentals Exam


testHey Everyone,

I passed my Fundamentals Exam and my check off validations this week. I am so excited to be moving into the next phase of the semester. The exam was pretty intense, so I was proud to have passed the 1st time around. I do not relish having to take these exams the 2nd time. It puts a great deal of pressure on you, not to mention it racks your nerves. The whole way through the test the 2nd time around, you are just praying that you make a good enough grade to pass. If you do not make the grade the 2nd time
, your out of the program.

In addition to the exam this week, we also had check offs in Foley Catheter insertion, NG Tube insertion, and VS. We are now on to Med Surg. We will have check offs in Nasopharyngeal suctioning, IV’s, and Trach care this time. We have about 3 weeks to get all of the Med Surg down. Wish me luck!

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