Nasogastric Intubation


Nasogastric Intubation is one of the skills assessments that we have to do in nursing school. I have found another video that goes through the process of inserting the tube step-by-step. You can view it by following the link below.

Nasogastric Intubation


Another really good video on NG Tube Insertion is posted below

Read below for more notes regarding Assessment, Client Education, and Documentation.

Pre-Procedure Assessment

  • Ask if any recent nose bleeds, oral facial surgery, facial trauma, past Hx of aspiration, any anticoagulation therapy.
  • Check mental status.
  • Examine each naris for patency and any skin breakdown using a penlight.
  • Ask client to close each nostril, and let you know which side is easier to breathe out of. Use that side.
  • Check gag reflex by using a tongue blade and touching the uvula to induce a gag response.
  • Check abdomen for bowel sounds.
  • Client should be put in a High-Fowler’s position (90 degrees).

Pre-Procedure Client Education

  • You may feel a little discomfort including burning in the nasal passages while the tube is being inserted, but once it is in place there will be little or no discomfort. If you feel discomfort during the procedure or start gagging, you may let me know by raising your index finger. Be sure to swallow the H2O and mouth breathe during insertion.

Documentation Example

  • 12 Fr, 48 in Salem Sump NG tube inserted via right nares. Client tolerated procedure well without C/O pain or discomfort. NADN. Placement checked by air bolus auscultation and confirmed by CXR.

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